Johnsons Apparelmaster’s driver safety campaign is ‘on track’ with Quartix

21 November 2017

Leading workwear service provider Johnsons Apparelmaster has announced that it has extended its driver safety campaign to all of its service vehicles, highlighting the company’s commitment to keeping staff who drive in their work as safe as possible on the road. The business has made a significant investment in the Quartix vehicle tracking system for the customer service team, building on the successful roll-out of the telematics technology across the sales team’s vehicles over 12 months ago.

Ian Greatrex, National Transport Manager for Johnsons Apparelmaster, said: “During Road Safety Week (20-26th November 2017), is an ideal time to stress the value that we place on the health and safety of our staff. Driving correctly and safely at all times is essential for staff, and is also so very important to their families, the customers, the community and the environment.”

The introduction of the Quartix vehicle tracking system supports the company’s sustainability goals, with the use of web-based tools, to improve driver performance and to reduce fuel consumption. It also enhances customer service by enabling the teams to review their scheduled client visits and to evaluate how much of their time is spent driving against time spent with the customer. The service teams have an individual login which allows them to see their driving data each day. The system provides detailed information on driving styles and speed monitoring with league tables that allow the teams to compare themselves against their peers and to increase their engagement with safe driving.

Quartix rates each driver with a performance-based score by collating data on rates of acceleration and braking. This helps to illustrate any potential driver safety concerns, such as concentration and potential lack of safety awareness. The Driving Style Monitoring feature evaluates the driving style of each driver, including speed, hard braking and rapid acceleration, to encourage an improved style which results in considerable fuel savings. Improving driving style can save up to 15% in fuel savings, and there are additional savings to be made on insurance when the company is able to demonstrate safe driving practices to insurers.

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