Quartix claims UK’s telematics top spot as it celebrates first ten years

21 February 2011

Quartix, which on Valentine’s Day, February 14, celebrated its tenth anniversary, believes it has become the UK’s top telematics provider, outperforming all its competitors.

With vehicle tracking-system installations approaching 2,000 units a month, the Newtown and Cambridge company maintains it is now in a class of its own.

Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, said: “It’s marvellous to be able to celebrate our tenth anniversary in this way. We are installing almost two thousand units a month, and we know of no other UK telematics provider that is coming anywhere close to this.”

Today, Quartix has more than 2,500 customers across a wide range of sectors – and to meet demand over the coming year the company’s workforce is set to expand by almost a quarter.

The reason for such remarkable success? Mr Kirk puts its down to a range of factors, among them the company’s policy of transparent pricing, simple rental options, outstanding customer service and the potential for customers to make extensive cost savings.

The Quartix system, he says, is regarded as one of the most robust and reliable on the market, backed by a comprehensive warranty and the skill and dedication of Quartix’s highly committed team.

It means Quartix telematics appeals to an increasingly wide cross section, from government organisations, housing associations and construction firms to hospital trusts, the emergency services, SMEs and large British brands.

Just four months ago, Quartix entered the pay-as-you-drive insurance market – securing a major contract to supply online insurer Coverbox with 15,000 vehicle tracking systems, amounting to some 1200 units a month over the first year.

Within 12 months, Quartix predicts commercial fleet operators will also be looking to use PAYD insurance cover – allowing them to pay only for mileage covered, as well monitor driver behaviour and decide at an earlier stage which drivers might pose a higher risk.

“It could enable fleets to predict those drivers who were most likely to have an accident, or if any of the drivers are exceeding speed limits,” said Mr Kirk.

“It won’t be long before insurers adopt this type of model for the corporate fleet.”

Meanwhile, with the recent opening of its Paris office and launch of its French-language website, Quartix is busily expanding in Europe.

“Demand is strong and building, both in the UK and on the Continent: and with the recession beginning to ease we expect it to increase significantly,” said Mr Kirk.

With customers routinely achieving savings of as much as £2,000 per vehicle per year, it is something he doesn’t find especially surprising.

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