Quartix expands with distributor network for pay-as-you-go vehicle tracking service

16 March 2010

Quartix is setting up a distributor network dedicated to its popular pay-as-you-go service.

The move follows strong demand from established distributors seeking a competitively-priced PAYG product for their customers.

(Former) Managing director Andy Walters said: “The demand is being driven by distributors’ existing telematics suppliers being unable to meet customer requirements, especially in relation to pay-as-you-go.

“We are filling the gap by offering an attractive commercial proposition – one that has been warmly welcomed by some of the country’s top tracking-system distributors.”

Last year, against a market backdrop that saw a serious decline in tracking-unit volumes and the failure of many vehicle tracking firms, Quartix registered sales growth of 5% – thanks largely to the launch of Quartix Pay As You Go.

Today, with widespread and increasing recognition of the importance of flexible rental contracts, Quartix is confident of a highly profitable future for its pay-as-you-go channel partners.

A ‘profitable proposition’ from Quartix

Quartix Pay As You Go’s nationwide network will consist of a select group of experienced, well-established distributors with a proven track record in telematics. Among ten companies already signed up are the Scenic Group, Fresh Thinking Vehicle Tracking, Veetrack, Pro-Comm Business Solutions and F16 Consulting.

Mr Walters added: “We are continuing to take on experienced organisations.

“Our proposition provides excellent short-term rewards for successful distributors, together with long-term partnership and support through profit sharing.

“It also provides financial assistance to help in migrating customers to Quartix from legacy systems.”

For further information contact Andy Walters on 0870 013 6663 or email [email protected]

Quartix Pay As You Go – the background

In April 2009, Quartix became the UK’s first telematics provider to introduce pay-as-you-go, adding it to its lease-finance and outright purchase options. Since then the company has become the UK’s first to provide PAYG with Google Maps and the first to offer a unique on-screen ‘dashboard,’ giving at-a-glance, real-time information about a fleet”s performance.

During 2010, thanks to innovative features such as the latest Speeding Reports, Quartix anticipates PAYG will account for 80 per cent of sales, with lease-finance and outright purchase taking up the remaining 20 per cent.

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