Quartix to launch affordable vehicle tracking in Poland

31 January 2019

Quartix Vehicle Tracking, an award-winning supplier of real time tracking and fleet management solutions, is now available in Poland.

Quartix was founded in 2001 in the UK by four industry professionals who have a combined 120+ years’ experience in systems design, telemetry, embedded computing, communications and database design and implementation.  The founder and CEO is still with the business today.

In 2010, Quartix expanded operations into France and in 2014, Quartix USA opened its doors.  Poland is the first country in the next phase of the company’s expansion into Europe.

“We are excited to bring Quartix to fleet customers in Poland,” says Quartix Managing Director, Andy Walters. “The Quartix system is reliable, easy to operate, and comes backed with 18 years of experience and customer service.”

Currently Quartix serves over 12,000 customers and recently produced their 500,000th tracking unit.  Customers such as Broadland Guarding, Quartix’s very first customer who is still with the business 18 years later, stay with Quartix because it provides:

  • Tiered pricing options that let them choose the level of functionality they need
  • Shorter contracts that don’t require multi-year commitment
  • Contracts that don’t auto renew
  • Customer service by experts invested in their success

In Poland, Quartix offers a Plug & Track unit which:

Needs no installation appointment.

Customers can simply install their units at their convenience. After locating the vehicle’s OBD port, it’s just a matter of plugging the device in.

Is easy to remove and reconnect.

Moving the units between vehicles at will is easy. This is especially beneficial to anyone who leases vehicles, as a temporary unit can be much more practical.

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