Quartix MD outlines tracking’s many benefits to Fleet News

29 September 2011

Andy Walters, Quartix managing director, puts a strong case for telematics in Fleet News’ latest tracking feature.

Acknowledging the publication’s point that tracking enables companies to monitor what time employees start and finish work, he states: “It’s about making sure that if a job crops up at 2.30pm on a Friday someone goes and does it. An extra invoice every day could have a massive impact.”

He also comments on tracking’s ability to differentiate between business mileage and private mileage, which helps company’s meet HMRC requirements on keeping accurate mileage records and clamping down on unauthorised use of vehicles.

Some Quartix customers, he points out, are saving as much as 50 litres of fuel a month simply by making sure vehicles are not used at weekends.

Writer Sarah Tooze devotes a large part of her piece to the increasing interest in driver behaviour information.

Mr Walters tells her he has noticed the trend: “Twelve months ago it was relatively new, but more and more people are requesting driver behaviour information. The price of fuel has an awful lot to do with it.”

The feature gives brief details of Quartix’s three telematics solutions – InfoPoint, InfoPlus and Corporate – and explains that 90% of the company’s sales, including driver behaviour monitoring, involve InfoPlus.

The wide-ranging piece also explains that Quartix has been running a special offer during the year, with InfoPlus priced at just a fraction more than InfoPoint (£20 per vehicle per month compared to £19.50).

The Corporate package, aimed at fleets of more than 200 vehicles with multiple depots, is priced at £25.75 per vehicle per month.

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