Quartix named finalist for “Risk Management” and “Safety” awards

20 November 2017

Owing to the development of our contextual speed scoring system, the SafeSpeed Database, which is dedicated to helping save the lives of young drivers on rural roads, Quartix has been named as a finalist in the ‘WhatVan? Awards 2018,’ in two categories: ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Safety.’

The SafeSpeed Database is the result of a 6-year development programme. It processes more than 30 million data points per day from over two million road segments on a real-time basis. Every data point is assessed and scored in relation to other road users on the same stretch of road.

Most young driver deaths occur on rural roads, and yet these roads represent less than half the mileage covered. Inappropriate speeds leading to loss of control is one of the main factors: young driver accidents often involve no other vehicles. Having conducted extensive research into the topic, Quartix discovered that inexperienced drivers often fail to reduce their speed when driving along winding rural roads. Andy Walters, Quartix CEO, explains how this is a big mistake, saying, “The problem is young drivers are often taught to drive ‘to the limit’ and this, put simply, is dangerous.”

Very few experienced road users exceed the speed limit on rural roads. In fact, just one in thirty drivers exceeds the national limit by more than 5mph. It is inappropriate speed, rather than excess speed which is the cause of many accidents. The SafeSpeed Database can help educate young drivers in this area. By identifying high-risk driving at an early stage and modifying behaviour through early intervention, many unnecessary accidents can be avoided.

Quartix’s SafeSpeed Database is a unique tool for fleet operators and commercial vehicle insurers to help measure and manage risk, with the goal of reducing road accidents.

We will attend the London awards event on 13th December 2017.  “There’s some quality competition,” says Quartix Managing Director Andy Walters. “But when it comes to road safety and risk management, Quartix has always been an industry-leader.”

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