Quartix voted top telematics provider for fourth year running

21 March 2012

Readers of Fleet News, the transport industry’s flagship publication, have voted Quartix a top telematics provider for the fourth year running.

“This is a huge vote of confidence in Quartix, its products and services,” said Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director.

“It is also testimony to the dedication, commitment and hard work of our entire team who, year after year, keep Quartix at the forefront of telematics development, provision and service.”

Last year, despite weak economic conditions, the company achieved outstanding results, increasing turnover by 46% to just under £7 million and the installation of new vehicle tracking systems by 125%.

This was achieved through transparent pricing, a comprehensive range of rental and outright purchase options, and the introduction of innovative, cost-saving services – including driver behaviour monitoring.

This service, which is capable of saving fleet operators as much as £20,000 a year on a fleet of 20 vehicles, detects speeds, harsh braking and acceleration.

“Twelve months ago driver behaviour monitoring was relatively new, but now most fleet operators request it. The price of fuel is one of the main reasons,” said Mr Kirk.

Last year also saw Quartix make significant investment in research, design and development, with a new version of its renowned tracking system – including additional ‘black box’ technology for accident investigations – launched in January.

Andy Kirk explained: “Unlike most of our competitors, who buy in their black boxes, we design and develop all our own technology – so we are not beholden to outside suppliers. In fact, we design and develop all aspects of our system, which means we are always in a position to maintain our leading edge position.”

No less than 50% of all Quartix fleet orders are the result of customer referrals or repeat business. In 2011, the company supplied just under 20,000 vehicle tracking systems and now takes on around 100 new customers a month.

“Our customers appreciate we strive hard to achieve the highest possible standards and they are aware Quartix is a name synonymous with the highest levels of quality and service,” added Mr Kirk.

This is underlined by the fact more than 3,500 customers across a wide range of sectors – including government organisations, housing associations, construction firms, hospital trusts, the emergency services, SMEs and large British brands – currently rely on Quartix vehicle tracking every day.

Increasing demand for telematics insurance

Little more than a year ago, Quartix entered the pay as you drive insurance market, securing a major contract to supply online insurer Coverbox with 15,000 vehicle tracking systems, amounting to some 1200 units a month.

Since then the company has secured contracts to provide similar systems for two of the UK’s largest motor insurance brokers.

Now, the same telematics technology is set to reduce the cost of fleet-based insurance – allowing fleets to pay only for mileage covered, providing lower premiums for better driving styles, and helping fleet managers decide at an earlier stage which drivers might pose a higher risk.

“In the case of retail insurance an individual driver’s profile governs premium costs,” said Andy Kirk. “With transport fleets a single premium is charged, the amount determined by different drivers’ risk profiles. By selecting safe drivers, fleet managers are in a position to cut costs quite dramatically.”

As a result of recent successes, Quartix will have a dominant position in the UK market for telematics-based insurance.

Meanwhile, having developed a version of its tracking system for the French market, Quartix is rapidly expanding across France. In its first full year the company has attracted more than 180 new customers there, and forecasts considerably more growth over the coming 12 months.

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