Plug and Track Self Install

Plug and Track Installation Option

The Quartix Plug and Track installation option is ideal where hardwired solutions are not feasible due to a requirement to move the tracking unit from one vehicle to another. 

Examples where this would benefit your business:

Temporary sub-contractors
If you need to track temporary sub-contractors, the Plug & Track option gives you access to all the monitoring and tracking data for both your temporary contractors as well as permanent staff. This gives you consistent data as well as peace of mind for new temporary vehicles.

Vehicle Replacement
A major benefit of using the Plug & Track where you need to replace vehicles in your fleet in the near future, you can easily move the tracking devices from one vehicle to another, and you can just log in and change the registration details associated with a specific vehicle ID. This saves you both time and costs.

Leased / Rented Vehicles
Many companies hire vans and vehicles to fill the gap for when vehicles are off the road for repairs or to meet a growth in demand from your customers. Using the Quartix Plug & Track is a great way to ensure that the leased vehicles are tracked consistently with the rest of your fleet. Making sure there are no ‘gaps’ in fleet data – whether you used leased or owned vehicles.

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Key Benefits and Features

The Quartix Plug & Track easily plugs into the standard 12v diagnostic port, and in minutes you will be able to access all your telematics data.

The Plug & Track solution will provide a simple way to monitor vehicles, driver timesheets, route taken and driver behaviour analysis.

  • No installation appointment required
  • Easy to change the vehicles used for tracking
  • Compatible with most cars and vans
  • Supported by internal battery
  • Quick and easy over-the-air (OTA) firmware and support upgrades
  • Lots of storage space: up to 500 trip events
  • Low battery warning alerts
  • Tamper detection alerts when:
    • Device is plugged in
    • Device is unplugged
    • Vehicle is moving with ignition off

Quartix’s Plug and Track devices are very easy to install. You can download our simple Tracking Installation Guide to get started as soon as your devices arrive.

If you need help locating your OBD port use our OBD locator tool.

See for yourself how Quartix works with our fully interactive real-time demo.

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