New Daily Group Report

12 July 2018

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For those of you who currently receive and use our Daily Group Reports, Quartix has now made it easier for you to view and analyse the information they contain for larger groups of vehicles on one sheet.

The Daily Group Report that comes to you as a spreadsheet is divided into summary and detail tabs:

Vehicle tabs

Each vehicle has a single detail tab showing all trips for the day of the report. This includes detailed start and stop times, locations visited, travel and idling times and fuel usage. The names of these tabs match the registration numbers of the vehicles.

Summary tab​

The summary tab contains summaries of the data for each of the vehicles, as well as a summary of the data collected for all vehicles.  This enables you to make easy and quick comparisons across the fleet and identify areas of concern.

Details Screen

The daily vehicle summary area displays the same data as the summary page, but the trip breakdown also includes overnight trips.

There are several ways to calculate shift times.

  • Total shift time is from the start of the first trip to the end of the last.
  • Total time on-site is the amount of time between the end of first trip and the start of the last.
  • Total on-site shift duration is the time between trips within the shift. I.e. ignition off time.
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