Update: Temperature monitoring

9 February 2021

Our add-on temperature monitoring feature now displays real-time temperature data on the live tracking screen.

You will be able to see the current temperatures for any vehicle fitted with a monitoring probe. The readings show in:

  • Green if the reading is within the established thresholds
  • Red if the reading is above the threshold
  • Blue if the reading is below the threshold

A warning icon is displayed if a reading cannot be obtained. There is also a pop-up display for each vehicle fitted with a probe that includes:

  • The current temperature
  • The time it was recorded
  • The minimum and maximum thresholds.

It is also possible to filter the vehicles that are being displayed on the map, so you can only see vehicles with temperature probes that are outside the minimum or maximum thresholds, or where readings cannot be obtained. This allows you to take immediate action to correct any problems.

In the temperature reports you can now choose the minimum and maximum values to be displayed in the chart, giving you the ability to see the temperature fluctuations over time.

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