Updated: League table by group

1 October 2019

The driving style league table, which ranks vehicles and drivers according to their performance, has been updated to allow groups of vehicles and drivers to be ranked, as well.

This is done by using the mean values of the driving scores for all the vehicles or drivers within a group, weighted by travel time.  Groups with better average scores will rank higher than groups with lower average scores.  Clicking the arrow icon next to each group listing will expand the group.  Clicking on the group name will display a league table for that specific group, which ranks the vehicles/drivers within it.

However, there could be exceptional drivers within each group—a driver with a low score in a group with high scores might not affect the group’s mean enough for their behaviour to be noticed and addressed.  Therefore, the table will highlight the top and bottom percentile of drivers.  These percentages can be established by clicking the settings icon.

Also, a star icon will appear beside any group with a driver who is driving extremely well and a warning icon for any group that has vehicles/drivers in the bottom percentile.  A group with both will display both icons, for easy identification.

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