Refund and Cancellation Policy


Once paid, fees for Products and Services are non-refundable unless Quartix Ltd (‘Quartix’) chooses, acting in its sole discretion, to refund the payment or it is legally obliged to do so. Where a refund or part refund is agreed, please allow fourteen (14) days for Quartix to process the refund.

Delivery and Installation

All delivery times and dates are approximate, but Quartix shall use its reasonable endeavours to respect them. Time shall not be of the essence, and Quartix shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from late delivery or from its failure to respect an appointment for installation. Where an installation appointment is required, if the Customer wishes to cancel or postpone an installation for any reason, Quartix requires at least 24 hours’ written notice, otherwise a cancellation charge of £90 + VAT per unit will apply.

If the Customer delays the installation (if required) of any Products beyond 30 days from the date of the first Product installation for that order, Quartix shall be entitled to deliver the remaining Products to the Customer’s delivery address and the order shall be deemed to be complete. This applies to new unit installations, as well as unit moves, removals, de/re-installations, service calls and engineer training.

In the event that installation is carried out by the Customer or a person appointed by the Customer, Quartix shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, arising directly or indirectly, as a result of any negligence or failure to follow Quartix’s written instructions in installing the Products.

Title and Risk

Title in Products purchased by the Customer passes upon the later of full payment or delivery and until then the Customer must (if they have taken possession of the Products prior to payment) insure and store the Products separately and maintain them in good order. Title in Products rented by the Customer shall remain vested in Quartix and these Products must be returned to Quartix at the expense of the Customer in good order at the end of such rental.

Title in the SIM Card shall remain vested in Quartix, or its provider of SIM Cards, in all circumstances; however, the SIM Card is provided to the Customer free of charge. Risk in the Products passes to the Customer upon their delivery to the Customer’s designated delivery address, regardless of whether installation has been completed or not.

Onward Sale

Onward sale or rental of Products or Services is not permitted without the express written permission of Quartix. In any event, such onward sale must be under Quartix’s standard terms and conditions and under the same contractual terms as those under which the original purchase or rental is made.

Cancellation / Termination

The Customer may not cancel or terminate this agreement until the Minimum Services Period (for Purchased units) or Minimum Rental Period (for Rented units) in the Agreement has expired, unless legislation allows for a ‘cooling off period’ and cancellation is made within such cooling off period.

For Purchased units, the Customer or Quartix may terminate the Services by giving no less than 30 days notice, provided that the notice does expire prior to the end of the Minimum Services Period.

For Rented units, the Customer or Quartix may give one month’s notice to terminate after the Minimum Rental Period has expired. Following termination, charges will still apply to rented units until the Products are returned to Quartix. In the event that rented Products are returned, lost or damaged before the end of the Minimum Rental Period then the Rental Charges will still continue to apply until the Minimum Rental Period has expired.

All rented Products remain the property of Quartix Ltd. They must be returned in good order to Quartix on termination of the agreement. Lost, damaged or non-returned Products will be charged at £175 + VAT per unit.

In the event that the Customer wishes to move a Quartix tracker unit from one vehicle to another, and where this requires professional removal and installation, this will be charged at a cost of £97 + VAT per unit provided that the de-installation of the unit from one vehicle and the re-installation into the new vehicle, is carried out during the same visit, at the same site and at the same time. Discounts are available if more than one unit is moved at the same time.

If a professional is required to remove the Quartix units, removals are charged at £97 + VAT per unit removed, with discounts available if more than one unit is removed at the same time. Once the unit is removed, it will either be left on site or shipped back for reinstall at a later date at a cost of £15 + VAT. Rented units will still incur charges for Services until such time as they are permanently received back at Quartix.

If a unit with Driver ID is moved from one vehicle to another, and the Customer requests that the reader remains in the old vehicle, and a new reader and Driver ID pack is required for the new vehicle there will be a charge of £25 + VAT per pack.

Whilst the unit remains fully installed in the vehicle, it is possible to reconnect a unit that has been disconnected. Such a reconnection will incur a charge of £30 + VAT per unit reconnected.


The prices shown online are not valid in conjunction with any other offer and are subject to tax, as applicable.

An administration charge of £20 + VAT will be made in the case of each failed or cancelled direct debit mandate, or failed or cancelled payment.

Language and Definitions

Should any part of this Refund and Cancellation policy be translated into a language other than English, this will be done in good faith and for clarification purposes only. To the extent that the meaning in the translated version differs from that of the English version, the English version shall be the version that shall be relied upon and take priority in all cases. 

The definitions of capitalised terms in this policy shall be the same as those in Quartix’s standard terms and conditions, Rental Agreement or Purchase Agreement.

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