Know Your Rights When Tracking Your Fleet

Recognise the laws concerning vehicle tracking and what you need to consider when implementing a fleet tracking system for your business.

Track your fleet in compliance with UK law

In this guide, you’ll find advice on how you can:

  • Ensure that your drivers are being tracked legally
  • Safeguard their privacy rights
  • Adhere to data protection guidelines


Identify the key things you must be aware of when tracking business vehicles, such as the lawful basis for collecting vehicle tracking data and defining your legitimate interests.


Understand the GDPR implications of tracking your fleet. Ensure that your business respects your employees’ privacy and their right to object.

Telematics features that help you track drivers legally

Telematics systems have in-built features such as:

  • Privacy settings
  • Monitoring periods
  • Driver controls

These settings give you the flexibility you need to ensure you uphold laws and regulations, while offering drivers adequate protection over their data.

“We have the option to switch the trackers off.  Our company policy is to only track the drivers during certain hours, so we won’t track them on leave, etc. It’s a good feature that I’d recommend.”

-Hasnein Rajani, Office Manager, Sartstedt

Your guide to vehicle tracking laws

Everything you need to know about the legalities of tracking your fleet vehicles and your company’s drivers.