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Listed below are frequently asked questions about Quartix’s vehicle tracking systems. If your question is not covered by the points raised, please call us on 01686 806 663, or email us at: [email protected]

Approximately 40 minutes: we ask you to make your vehicle available for a total period of one hour.

We can arrange installation for anywhere in the UK and can carry out the work either during the working day or at evenings or weekends, to suit you.

The tracking system uses GPS to track and store location, speed and heading information. This information is transmitted continuously to our servers using the GSM mobile network. In the event of poor or weak coverage it will simply store this information until transmission is possible.

No – the prices quoted are for an unlimited number of users and, as the system is browser-based, there is no software to update on your pc.

The system uses GPS, and typically positions will be reported to within 5m.

We maintain a complete record of vehicle activity and reports for all our customers available on our site for 6 months. After that time you may request specific days or periods for some or all of your vehicles to be made available to you again online. There is no charge made for reasonable use of this service.

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