Introducing the new 'Plug and Track' Quartix self-install option

17 July 2018

Meg’s flower delivery business has been benefitting from vehicle tracking since it first began to bloom. Back when there was just one delivery van to keep track of, the hard-wired tracking unit suited her best. She’s now managing a larger fleet of leased vehicles with several drivers. Meg needs a simpler and more flexible option to keep on top of her delivery vans… Sound familiar?

Whether you’re considering vehicle tracking for the first time or you already use it for some of your vehicles, the new ‘Plug and Track’ option from Quartix might be the best for you.

If hardwired units aren’t the best option for your business, the plug and track option offers all the great features you need, but without the permanence of a traditionally installed unit.

Like the new OBD plug-in unit from Quartix, Plug and Track devices offer greater control over how and when the vehicles in your fleet are monitored.

No need for installation appointments.

With Plug and Track, you can simply install units yourself, at your convenience. After locating your vehicle’s OBD port, it’s just a matter of plugging the device in! Quartix offers full support, including an online guide to finding your vehicle’s OBD port based on make and model.

Easy to remove and reconnect.

You have control over where your units are and you can easily move them between your vehicles at will. This is especially beneficial to anyone who leases vehicles, as having a hardwired unit can be unpractical.

No unauthorised movements.

If your units are removed, you’ll always receive an alert, allowing you to review and determine whether or not the actions were approved.

For businesses like Meg’s Flowers, flexibility is important. It is also vital to be able to access all the reports and fleet management tools that vehicle tracking offers.

A plug and track unit can be the perfect answer.

Find out more about Plug and Track from Quartix. 

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