Where to start on your EV transition journey?

Quartix EVolve creates an EV transition plan tailored to your fleet

EVolve is the perfect EV transition tool for any business wondering where to begin on its journey to zero emissions. It simplifies the process of choosing which vehicles to switch to electric and provides you with an optimal EV plan tailored to your fleet’s recent activity. EVolve helps you keep up with charging and automotive supplier options, government incentives, and gives you detailed forecasts costs and savings.

How does EVolve create an EV recommendation?

Analyses your fleet telematics data

EVolve uses your telematics data to understand how your fleet operates, then generates an electrification recommendation tailored for your business that accounts for:

  • Vehicle usage patterns
  • Trip lengths
  • Frequency of trips
  • Patterns of inactive periods

Identifies vehicles to transition

Whether you want to understand more about your options, replace your entire fleet, or make gradual changes, EVolve matches your current fleet to the suitable EV models. You can monitor the cost-effectiveness as well as technical feasibility of moving to EV alternatives. 

Specifies charging requirements

EVolve takes the characteristics of your fleet activity into account, using journey times and periods of vehicle inactivity to build usage patterns. It assesses the ideal placement and specification for charging stations and forecasts the running costs using the latest electricity and charger installation prices.

Calculates the benefits

Understand the costs and savings involved in your business’ switch to EVs with EVolve’s comprehensive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) assessment. The TCO illustration addresses capital costs, fuel and energy costs, tax, charges, and insurance, plus vehicle residual value or leasing costs. EVolve also outlines the environmental benefits of your EV transition. 

Want to see a demo of EVolve?

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