Fleet Management Integration

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Do more with your Quartix data

No more relying on spreadsheets or paper-based systems, FleetCheck makes it easy to manage all your vehicle and driver data in one place.

  • Track MOT dates
  • Road tax
  • Driver licence details
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Fuel usage
  • DVLA penalty points
  • Driver training information

Proactively manage your fuel

FleetCheck integrates with the Quartix tracking system to help you reduce your fuel consumption. FleetCheck provides:

  • Vehicle and driver fuel allocation for costing and MPG breakdown
  • MPG analysis to identify problem vehicles/drivers
  • CO2, NoX and Particulate Matter (PM) reporting to support with FORS requirements
  • Links to your fuel card information offering a complete picture
  • Transparency of maintenance issues causing you excessive fuel consumption
  • Tools to monitor driver behaviour and highlight fuel-heavy driving habits
  • The ability to reliably identify potential instances of fuel theft
FleetCheck App

Vehicle safety checks made easy

Tired of chasing paper check sheets? Streamline your vehicle inspection process with the FleetCheck Mobile App. The app enables drivers to submit safety checks, access support information and view key vehicle information. FleetCheck Mobile:

  • Integrates fully with your FleetCheck account
  • Eliminates paper-based checksheets saving you valuable time
  • Allows drivers to instantly upload and send photographic evidence of damage and defects
  • Lets you design your own custom checksheets
  • Provides instant visibility of missed inspections
  • Reports on time taken for each safety check
  • Shows vehicles that have moved without a check completed

Say farewell to spreadsheets

Bin those spreadsheets and do more with FleetCheck, fast becoming the industry standard in fleet management software.

FleetCheck’s award winning fleet management software is easy to use, with a tailored user interface providing structure and support that over 800 companies rely on. The highly intuitive platform integrates with a multitude of third party systems allowing you to handle your tasks efficiently whilst simultaneously creating a robust audit trail to underpin your legal requirements.

The unique ‘traffic light’ alert system provides businesses with an easy-to-understand overview of upcoming events. This includes over 85 built in alert types and the ability to create custom alerts. Being web based, users have easy access to their data and confidence it is secure and backed-up.

FleetCheck System

FleetCheck Key Benefits

For Vehicle Management

  • Advanced integration with Quartix
  • Direct link to DVLA for MOT and RFL dates
  • Proactive defect and tyre management
  • Servicing and vehicle advisory repair alerts
  • Fuel card data integration
  • Grey fleet management

For Driver Management

  • Reminders and management of licence checking
  • Mobile App for walk-around checks, with live vehicle status reporting
  • Vehicle to driver assignment for KPI reporting
  • Monitor and manage accidents, incidents and training
  • Company portal for fleet policy communication and management

For Complete Fleet Management

  • HGV operator’s licence compliance
  • Support with Van Excellence, FORS and Earned Recognition accreditation
  • Insurance and warranty management
  • Over 600 inbuilt reports with multiple format and scheduling options
  • Intuitive dashboard for instant fleet overview
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