Four key benefits vehicle tracking
offers to drivers

September 10, 2018

A lot has been written about the benefits of telematics for businesses and company owners, but vehicle tracking also offers valuable support to the people who drive a company’s trucks, vans or any other vehicles.  Far from being a surveillance system implemented to punish employees, here are four ways that vehicle tracking can help drivers improve their skills, protect them from false claims and keep them safe out on the roads.

Enhanced personal safety

Businesses that employ telematics send a message that they, as a company, take safety seriously, and this can only benefit the driver.  Speed, braking and acceleration are all monitored to help create a fleet with the safest drivers behind the wheels.  In the event of an accident, GPS tracking can even ensure that help arrives quickly.  Derek Barnes of Advanced Timber Harvesters describes how Quartix vehicle tracking helped when one of his drivers was involved in an accident, “With tracking, I could navigate to the scene via the Quartix app.”

And with the fleet management tools available in most vehicle tracking systems, the vehicles themselves are safer to drive, as driving styles are monitored and reminders are set for maintenance and inspection deadlines, ensuring vehicles stay in good condition. It’s in everyone’s interest, especially drivers’, that a company’s vehicles are safe and up to date on routine repairs.

Responsible actions and validated hours

When a problem that’s centered around timesheets, invoices or out of hours driving arises, vehicle tracking data can resolve the discrepancy before it becomes a major issue.  Daily timesheets can verify when a driver arrived at a customer’s site and when they departed, settling any invoicing or pay disputes. “When our crews turn in time cards and work sheets, we can use the tracking system to confirm the information they are turning in to us,” says Tom Benoit of Rocky Branch Contractors.  Drivers can be assured that they will be accurately paid for their time if a company uses vehicle tracking.

If vehicles aren’t meant to be used during certain hours, trip reports can prove that the driver followed the rules.  To ensure vehicles don’t enter or leave particular areas, geofenced locations can be set up to notify managers of any unexpected journeys in real-time, meaning drivers are otherwise uninterrupted.

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Protection from false claims

Another way that drivers can benefit from vehicle tracking is when claims or lawsuits coming from outside the company occur.  Accidents happen, but with telematics, there is an unbiased source of information. “I was able to assist law enforcement at the scene, to help determine the cause of the accident by looking at speed, position, and braking of the truck at the time of the crash,” Derek Barnes of Advanced Timber Harvesters recalls, describing how real-time data from his Quartix mobile app helped at the scene of an accident.

If a report arises that alleges a driver was speeding or braking harshly or claims that they were at fault, telematics can protect them from being falsely accused.  It can be proven what speed they were travelling at, or in some extreme cases, that they weren’t in the area at all.

Driving style coaching

The data collected by a telematics system is an accessible source of feedback for a driver on their personal driving performance.  Areas where a driver can improve their skills are flagged up and can be brought to their attention.  “I can tell when our drivers idle too long and help them correct that,” says A-Kwik Tow owner, Denise Quintana Brito.  Quartix also offers this information via the mobile app, which can be made available to the drivers themselves, meaning it’s even quicker to see driving performance that needs attention.

Concentrating on these problem areas quickly can lead to a better road safety record.  Drivers can even see their progress over time through a driving style league table that will compare them to other drivers in the company.  “I am able to identify drivers that are not performing up to par,” says Derek Barnes.  “The Quartix units save me fuel and road wear by making my trucks more efficient.”  Many companies choose to reward their best or most improved drivers for the savings that the company can make, all based on information gathered by telematics.

Tracking with Quartix

Vehicle tracking from Quartix is an efficient, cost-effective way of ensuring that drivers reap all these benefits and more.  Real-time tracking, timesheets, trip reports, and driving style monitoring all help to keep a business informed and to keep drivers safe.

As Greenridge Landscaping says, “Having the Quartix system installed has ensured our team members remain both safe and efficient, which is great for customer service, vehicle wear and tear, and the bottom line.”

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