5 ways your business can benefit from vehicle tracking

30 April 2014

Now more than ever, companies that operate a fleet of vehicles – regardless of size – are finding the range of benefits afforded by vehicle tracking to be invaluable. Whether your companys desire is to cut costs on fuel consumption or simply enhance customer service, comprehensive tracking systems are continuing to prove extremely profitable. Here are 5 good reasons to employ vehicle tracking into fleet operations:


The Quartix system will rate each driver with a performance-based score by collating data on rates of acceleration and braking. This detail can also help illustrate any potential driver safety concerns such as concentration during travel or adherence to speed limits. Furthermore, driving scores are presented in the form of a league table for easy driver comparison and to foster friendly competition within a fleet.


A pivotal feature of the Quartix software’s capabilities is its Driving Style Monitoring, which gives you the ability to evaluate the driving style of each driver operating a tracked vehicle. The system’s sensors gauge levels of excessive speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration. Using this information to encourage better driving results in considerable savings on everyday fuel expenses.


The extended reports available on the Quartix system lets you keep on top of administrative duties and comply with regulations. By checking the timesheets directly on the system, they can also monitor drivers’ hours and verify payroll; and maintenance alerts can send reminders of insurance renewals or tire check-ups, for example.


Customer service is naturally enhanced when the Quartix system is implemented into fleet operations. Specifically, businesses whose customers rely on receiving accurate delivery or arrival times can greatly benefit from live tracking. Other features like postcode search allows fleet managers to determine the closest vehicle to a particular job site, reducing downtime between trips.


Protecting your vehicles from theft is also possible with the Quartix system. The live tracking feature enables you to locate and attempt to recover a stolen vehicle much quicker, as has shown countless times with Quartix customers. The geofencing feature gives you the option to draw a zone around a vehicle parked at any location, and will notify immediately via text and email if a vehicle is moved without authorisation. These can also be set to time-based rules to determine when vehicles should be inside or outside each zone.

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