An integrated FMS and telematics solution

15 December 2014

This year, Quartix has partnered with FleetCheck, giving operators a comprehensive and fully-integrated FMS and telematics solution, provided by sector-leading companies.

In any business, a common question regarding the fleet tracking will always be:

“How can I get more productivity for less outlay?”

 The answer is a two-pronged approach:

1.       Introducing telematics…
The introduction of a telematics system that can track your vehicles in real-time, at all times, using any internet-connected device is key. The wide range of features, including time sheet managementdriving style league tables and route scheduling, will bring down overall costs substantially.

2.       Fleet Management Software…
Add all of this to a multi-functional Fleet Management System and you are guaranteed to see productivity rise whilst your vehicles remain save, legal and cost-effective.

The Quartix and FleetCheck partnership has given all existing and prospective clientele the opportunity to let only the most experienced of hands manage their fleet tracking.

FleetCheck will help you consolidate all your data on to one central platform, providing you with instantaneous access to all vehicle tracking records and data.

The true cost of a service…

With the cost of tyres alone accounting for up to a third of a business’ vehicle maintenance allowance, it makes complete sense to cut costs elsewhere. Having the ability to see all maintenance scheduling in one area is a big help in this regard. You can more easily budget for scheduled maintenance and plan for those vehicles being off the road, minimising any interruption to your business in the meantime.

Non-compliance of the rules…

Each year, businesses pay fines and penalties in the hundreds of thousands to HMRC for inadequate business and keeping private mileage records. In fact, HMRC can levy a fine on a business of up to £3,000 per annum per employee for an incorrect tax return. Multiply this by a substantial fleet size, and also add the upheaval of an investigation into your tax returns, and this would prove severely disruptive to your bottom line.

Proper application of FleetCheck with the Quartix vehicle tracking system will enable you to manage all vehicle and driver data, documentation and handbooks so you are that you are operating within HMRC guidelines.

Your business “Duty of Care” responsibilities…

Operating such a robust and structured solution will aid you with your duty of care responsibilities.

With more and more focus being placed on the 2008 Corporate Manslaughter Act, the onus is on the hierarchy of any business to ensure it is adhered to. Recognising high risk drivers is paramount in reducing risk of legal actions against your business.

This two-pronged approach allows you to achieve “more for less” without compromising your service levels and see cost savings along the way.

The Quartix Corporate option includes the FleetCheck system, giving you access to a complete fleet management solution alongside our award-winning advanced tracking system. Call me today on 0870 0136663 for more information. 

Dale Lewis joined Quartix as Sales Manager in 2013 after a successful sales career in Business Continuity, Sales Recruitment and Advertising. Prior to joining Quartix, Dale also set up a lucrative food business in Shrewsbury.

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