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20 January 2015

Since I started working for Quartix vehicle tracking almost ten years ago, I have seen many changes within the telematics industry, including its rapid growth. I have always been excited to be part of a pioneering company at the forefront of its sector, so working at Quartix has been a very rewarding experience.

One of the reasons we are respected in the industry is because we are known for our unrivalled customer support. We never rest on our laurels; we have a reputation to uphold! The creation of the Customer Resources department is a testament to this – it serves as a direct line of communication to our customers so that we can keep them happy and retain their business. As such, the driving force behind a lot of our development has been engaging with our customers to acknowledge their requirements and respond accordingly. We encourage feedback through customer surveys, and regularly stay in touch with our contacts via phone and email to make sure they remain satisfied.

Customers often tell us that they think they are not using the vehicle tracking system to its full potential. When this sort of comment is made to any department, we are able to step in. Our team’s combined knowledge of more than fourteen years means we are very well-equipped to offer full training on any aspect of the vehicle tracking system, as well as make suggestions on how a customer’s data can be used to save them time and money on their everyday fleet management operations.

Because our customers repeatedly order more units directly through our department, we work closely with the sales team to ensure these transactions go ahead smoothly. Of course, our customer loyalty is very important to us. Overall, we only lose a small percentage of our installed base to alternative systems each year. In fact, attrition as a whole (including losses due to customers going out of business) is minimal.

As most businesses would acknowledge, it is easier to keep an existing customer than gain a new one. With this in mind, we plan to release a programme of customer information bulletins for this year in order to keep our customers fully up to date with any existing and upcoming features.

The Quartix Customer Resources team can be reached on 0870 0136663 or [email protected].

Alison Ashley joined Quartix in July 2005 and has worked for the company in various sales and customer-focused positions. Her knowledge of the Quartix tracking system and the company’s customer base earned her the role of Customer Resources Manager in December 2013, which she still holds today.

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