Madison Telecom

“We track our drivers all the time and with Quartix, we’re able to find the trucks we’re looking for so easily,”

Gary Adams Fleet Manager

Madison Telecom is a telecommunications firm that provides a variety of CATV services throughout the southeastern states.  The company is a subcontractor for Comcast and has 95 vehicles on the road, some of which travel as much as three states away from the base in Georgia.  All Madison Telecom vehicles are fitted with Quartix tracking devices.   

Switching to Quartix

An internet search led Gary Adams, Madison Telecom’s Fleet Manager, to Quartix in 2018. Previously, they were using another tracking system, but the quality of the customer service they received, as well as the high price, caused Gary to look elsewhere.   

“Other systems have lost signal or even lost our data when we’re in a tunnel or a wooded area. In our experience, Quartix is always connected,” he says.  

With three different kinds of tracking devices, Quartix has an option to fit the needs of any business, and this flexibility worked well for Madison Telecom.  “Quartix offers free installation of their hardwired units.   We later fitted some of our vehicles with Quartix devices that we could install ourselves.” 

Live tracking

Madison Telecom has benefitted greatly from Quartix’s real-time tracking.  “We track our drivers all the time and with Quartix, we’re able to find the trucks we’re looking for so easily,” Gary says.  “It’s not difficult at all to learn the system.” 

Quartix’s tracking maps are backed by Google Maps, allowing customers to access their vehicle and driver information and see daily logs and route charts.  “Our supervisors love the mobile app,” he says.  Available to download on Android and iOS, the Quartix app keeps Madison Telecom connected with their drivers anytime, from anywhere.   

Driving style reports

Included in the suite of comprehensive fleet management tools available to Quartix customers, driving style reports have been a great help to Madison Telecom.  These reports give Fleet Managers  data on the speed, braking and acceleration patterns of their drivers, and help them identify which drivers are taking too much risk on the road.  

“We’re able to coach the drivers and improve their driving habits,” Gary says.  “Changing their driving behavior for the better has also helped with our insurance costs!”  Madison Telecom received a cut to its premiums after letting the insurance provider know that its vehicles had Quartix tracking devices installed.  “95% of our vehicles are 2017 or newer,” he explains. “In case of theft, having them tracked increases our chances of recovery, something the insurance company liked.”   

Gary also makes great use of the driver league table and speed analysis reports.  The league table ranks drivers according to performance with a color-coded chart that makes it easy to see who is driving safely and who needs more coaching.  Speed analysis allows Gary to focus on which drivers are excessively speeding.  If he needs to find out if any drivers went over 80mph within a certain month, he can easily see this information in the system. 

The Quartix experience

“I would recommend Quartix to anyone who wants awesome customer service,” Gary says.  “If I email them with an issue, the support team are on it within minutes. If you are looking for a vehicle tracking device, this is it.” 

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