The Benefits of Fleet Dashcams for Businesses

In today’s business landscape, staying ahead means embracing modern technology that enhances safety, efficiency, and accountability and ensuring staff buy-in and engagement. Dashcams are an indispensable tool for fleet management and promote a culture of safety and responsibility.

What are fleet dashcams?

Fleet dashcams are devices strategically installed in vehicles to capture video footage of the road ahead, the road behind or of the vehicle interior and the driver.

There are many options on the market with a host of additional features. These can range from standalone devices that store footage on a memory card, to fully integrated video telematics dashcams that are connected to fleet management software.

Many options include management alerts, AI behaviour detection or driver feedback features. You can see a full list of dashcam features explained in our Fleet Guide to Dashcams.

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How do fleet dashcams work?

Dashcams continuously record footage during vehicle operation. Some dash cams feature GPS tracking, accelerometers, AI motion sensors or gyroscopes, to provide additional journey data alongside video recordings, enabling precise analysis of driving behaviour and road incidents.

They vary in image quality, viewing angles, frame rate and night vision capabilities, with a range of storage options and power-types available to choose from. Connected dash cams often rely on 4G to transmit data to other software, such as a fleet management system, whereas others offer Wi-Fi connectivity to send or download footage to another device.

What are the benefits of using fleet dashcams?


Behavioural change: The presence of dash cams encourages positive behavioural changes among drivers. Footage can also facilitate targeted driver coaching and improve safety awareness.

Some dashcams can help businesses to identify instances of distracted driving, allowing for intervention and prevention.


Fewer accidents or successful false claims: Safer driving behaviours lead to fewer accidents and associated costs. Evidence of safe driving habits can help businesses become eligible for discounts from insurance companies.

Businesses are protected from financial losses and legal complications relating to fraudulent or exaggerated claims.


Swift incident resolution: Dash cam footage serves as indisputable evidence, expediting insurance claims processing, leading to faster settlements and minimal disputes. 

Dashcams enable immediate notification of incidents (FNOL – First Notice of Loss), allowing businesses to promptly inform insurance companies and mitigate potential damages.


Driver protection: Dashcams protect employees by providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes, ensuring their safety and well-being.

In cases of false accusations or wrongful blame, dashcams can exonerate drivers by providing unambiguous evidence of their innocence.


“The Quartix dashcam has been an invaluable addition to our fleet management tools. Our drivers feel more confident on the road knowing that they have a reliable witness in case of an incident. Since we started using the dashcam solution in our fleet of vehicles, we’ve seen a significant improvement in safety and efficiency. Its high-quality video and easy-to-use features have helped us mitigate risk and minimise downtime due to accidents.”

Justin Toole, Fleet Manager, M&Y Maintenance and Construction
road traffic incident

Businesses that use forms of monitoring technology, such as vehicle tracking systems or dash cams, see a significant reduction in accident-related costs.

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Evidence in the event of a crash

The emotional toll of being falsely accused can be immense, particularly when serious consequences are involved, as can be the case with road traffic accidents.

For fleet drivers, false claims can have a significant impact on their personal well-being and their livelihoods. Accusations of careless driving or traffic violations can:

  • tarnish an individual’s professional reputation
  • jeopardise their job security
  • result in legal consequences, fines, or loss of licence
  • affect their job performance
  • limit their career options

Much like GPS fleet tracking technology, dashcams can help to prove a driver’s innocence; a dashcam empowers drivers by promoting transparency on the road. Assured that they can vindicate themselves in the event of an accident, staff worry less about the likelihood of driving-related disputes.

How do businesses use dashcams?

Dashcams capture a range of events and scenarios that might be encountered when on the road. From accidents and near-misses to reckless driving behaviour and unexpected road hazards, dashcams provide tangible evidence that can protect your staff against false claims and liability.

Through utilising dashcam footage, businesses can:

  • See full coverage of critical events
  • Investigate incidents promptly
  • React quickly when a suspected collision is detected
  • Eliminate fraudulent claims
  • Reduce accident-related costs and insurance premiums
  • Promote driver accountability and safer driving
  • Identify risks such as distracted driving
  • Support driver coaching
  • Protect business reputation
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A fleet’s guide to dashcams

Understand the benefits of dash cams for your business and how to encourage driver buy-in.


Dashcams create a natural behavioural change

When individuals are aware that a dashcam is installed in a vehicle, it naturally impacts their actions in a positive way. This is true for all road users; dash cams serve as a deterrent against reckless and aggressive driving behaviour.

Like all driver behaviour monitoring solutions, dashcams encourage responsible driving habits and promote adherence to company policies, enhancing road safety and fleet performance.

In addition to promoting positive driving behaviours, driver-facing fleet dashcam solutions can help your business to identify and respond to any potential staff concerns, such as individuals showing signs of ill health, stress, or fatigue when behind the wheel.

For more on this topic, hear our interview with Mark Cartwright, Head of Commercial Incident Prevention at the National Highways about the top 5 causes of accidents.

To learn more about fleet dashcams and how you can introduce them into your business operations, read our fleet guide to dashcams.

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