Contract Flooring Solutions

We are growing at a rapid rate and should be adding several new vehicles to our fleet next year – the Quartix system is making our transition into a larger fleet considerably easier.

Stephen Day Director

Increasing productivity

Based in Birmingham and currently operating over 25 vehicles, Contract Flooring Solutions provides a variety of flooring services and logistics to the whole of the UK. With over 55 years’ worth of experience in the flooring industry, the company is a family-run business now in its third generation.

Contract Flooring Solutions is using Quartix vehicle tracking to document accurate time-keeping records and secure sensitive work materials. The features unique to the Quartix system equip the company with the information they need to increase productivity and stay efficient at all times.

Stephen Day, Director of Contract Flooring Solutions Ltd, says implementing the system has improved the company’s workflow during an important expansion period: “We are growing at a rapid rate and should be adding several new vehicles to our fleet next year – the Quartix system is making our transition into a larger fleet considerably easier.”

Clear and detailed time sheets

Contract Flooring Solutions primarily use the system’s convenient timesheets to keep abreast of worker times when they are out on jobs. Accurate data ensures fleet managers can deliver exact wages according to the recorded working hours, as Stephen Day explains: “The timesheets are fantastic – we have access to precise information on the overtime hours worked and can always give fair wages as a result.” The security of fitters’ materials is managed with the same functionality, letting them monitor any signs of irregular vehicle activity.

Furthermore, the live tracking at the core of the system conveys up-to-date reports on real-time driver locations: “We also use the live tracking’s postcode search to check which vehicle is closest to a customer when there’s an urgent job,” Stephen Day says.

Encouraging better driving styles

The company has also been taking advantage of the system’s built-in league tables and encouraging friendly competition between the fleet’s drivers: “The Driving-Style monitoring suite presents a league table of how our drivers rank against each other. At the end of very quarter, we offer £250 to the driver at the top of the table, and £50 to any driver that can improve his/her ranking by more than 5 places on the board.” The ability to monitor the driving behaviour of its fleet not only boosts productivity and encourages safer driving, but a reduction in fuel emissions benefits the environment and cuts costs on day-to-day operations.

Stephen Day has been especially satisfied with the help provided by the Quartix support team: “The support we get is second to none. Emails and phone calls are answered quickly and tell me exactly what I need to know everyone I talk to always seems genuinely pleased to help.”

He states the company discovered the benefits of vehicle tracking upon endorsement from a business associate: “We had no other system in place but felt compelled to try Quartix in particular. My business partner uses Quartix and thoroughly recommended it we’re definitely pleased with our choice. It is an impressive technology backed by an installations and support team that cannot be beaten. I am a very satisfied customer.”

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