Dunster House

Like all money-conscious companies, we’re always keeping an eye out for other services and offers. No one has been able to offer anything close to what we get from Quartix.

Steven Baldwin Transport Manager

Founded in 1994, Dunster House is a family-run manufacturing and retail company providing sheds, greenhouses, climbing frames and other garden-enhancing structures. Operating from six UK sites, the company makes nationwide shipments through its fleet of vehicles, all equipped with Quartix vehicle tracking.

The benefits of live tracking​

Dunster House has partnered with Quartix since 2007, long before Transport Manager Steven Baldwin joined the company. He explains that the benefits have always been tangible, “Having a reputable tracking company on board from get-go has given us the platform to grow the business from a local company into an international organisation, sourcing and selling products around the globe.”

On a daily basis, real-time tracking has allowed Dunster House to better communicate delivery information to its customers.

“It’s difficult for us to know how long a delivery will take until the driver arrives on site. This in turn makes it tricky to know how a driver’s day is progressing,” Steven says. “However, with the Quartix tracker, we are able to see exactly where our driver is, how many deliveries he’s completed and how many he has remaining. Information can be relayed to our customers, drastically improving their experience.”

Protection for employees

Having live tracking has protected Dunster House from false claims that could have cost the company time and money.

“A couple of years back we had an alleged insurance incident come through claiming we had been involved in an accident and a third party had lodged a personal injury claim against us,” Steve recalls. “Thankfully, using our tracking data, we were able to conclusively prove our vehicle was nowhere near the scene of the accident and nothing more was heard of it.”

Tailoring the system

Customising the system to the team’s own specifications has helped increase productivity, too. Staff at Dunster House group their vehicles by their home depot, for easy viewing.

“We have dispatch teams based at each of our depots. They don’t want to look through the entire list to find their team. Having the vehicles grouped into individual branches is a real time saver.”  The Quartix system can be customised further by assigning names to locations, such as depots or large customers that are visited regularly, simplifying the data presented in timesheets and route reports.

The Quartix difference

Dunster House has remained with Quartix for almost 12 years and found a huge return on this investment.  “Like all money-conscious companies, we’re always keeping an eye out for other services and offers.  No one has been able to offer anything close to what we get from Quartix.”

Providing comprehensive features that are also easy-to-use is a cornerstone of the Quartix system, a principle that has greatly benefited Dunster House.

“Quartix has always delivered the services we need. The system is incredibly intuitive—just flicking through the menus, you can see all the functionality the software offers. The website is packed with tutorials and webinars for guidance. Support emails are responded to quickly and all of our queries are answered.”

“We certainly would recommend Quartix,” Steven concludes. “It gives a real peace of mind for a very reasonable cost.”

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