Garratt Horsebox Hire

With Quartix, I always know where our vehicles are. Whenever I see that a customer is approaching, I can go down to the yard and be there to receive our trailers.

Harry Garratt Owner

Garratt Horsebox Hire is a leading equine transport hire service based in Essex.  With its fleet of horseboxes and horse trailers, the company provides services for customers across the UK and Europe.

“People use our vehicles to take horses to competitions or even the vet—our horsebox design is popular because it stands out from the rest,” says owner Harry Garratt.

“When we hire our vehicles out I have to be at the yard when they are returned. Most customers give me an exact time to expect them, but some aren’t as accurate.”

To help Garratt Horsebox Hire keep tabs on its assets, Harry began looking for a vehicle tracking company. “Quartix came recommended by a friend. It was reasonably priced and the best suited to our needs,” Harry says. “With Quartix, I always know where our vehicles are. Whenever I see that a customer is approaching, I can go down to the yard and be there to receive our trailers.”

garratt horsebox vehicle tracking

Live tracking with the mobile app

“What I really love about Quartix is seeing our vehicles live on my mobile through the app.” With Quartix’s free mobile app, Garratt Horsebox Hire can get live fleet information no matter where they are. “The majority of the time, I’m away from a computer, at the yard, getting our vehicles ready, so the Quartix mobile app is really useful. I can even be on holiday, and still keep an eye on my vehicles from abroad!”

Harry uses Quartix’s custom location functions to change the way his vehicles appear on the live tracking map, using different icons for every vehicle. “I like being able to customise the icons on the live tracking screen to match the colour of our vehicles; it makes it really easy to identify them and keep track.”

Ensuring safety by monitoring driving style

The Quartix mobile app includes live tracking and driving style analysis for every vehicle, another aspect that Harry has found useful.

The Quartix system provides a simple overview of driver scores which are based on their speed, acceleration and braking. Unique to Quartix, it also compares driver average speeds with other professional road users on the same stretches of road.

“I get emails every week with all the trips and places the vehicles have been. I look to make sure the customers aren’t driving the vehicles recklessly.”

Hazardous driving puts his vehicles at risk of wear and tear that could lead to costly repairs. Knowing how the vehicles are being driven helps Garratt Horsebox Hire ensure that their trailers are in good working condition for all of their clients, for the safety of their customers and their horses.

Quartix customer service

Besides the Quartix system having all the features that he needed, Harry has also been impressed the level of customer service he gets with Quartix. “The Quartix staff have been a big help. When I call with a question, they answer me right away,” he says. “They are a good, friendly team.”

That service extends to Quartix’s network of installers. “The installers are always on time, I’ve never had any problems with them, or with anything defective. The devices do their job.”

“For a unique business like ours, Quartix is a great vehicle tracking partner. The system is customizable, reliable and easy to use.”

As Garratt Horsebox Hire continues to expand, Quartix will keep supporting the business’ operations with a cost-effective and dependable tracking solution.

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