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Quartix Vehicle Tracking is one of the UK’s leading and most established suppliers of vehicle tracking solutions for both the fleet management and insurance sectors. 

Our vehicle telematics technology is developed in the UK, at R&D centres in Cambridge, Leatherhead and Bishop’s Waltham. We install more than 6,000 vehicle tracking devices in the UK every month, using our network of 200 installers.  

The Quartix telematics solution provides our insurance customers with a proven tool for assessing and managing risk and reducing loss ratios. 

Here are 8 articles on how we can help your vehicle insurance business. 

Loss Ratios

Reducing Loss Ratios with Telematics

An effective programme to reduce losses on young driver insurance policies is not just about monitoring speeding and acceleration. It’s as much about service and management as it is about the telematics technology.

Accident Risk

Measuring and controlling accident risk

Young drivers and their passengers are at far greater risk of death on the roads than more experienced drivers: 26 percent of all car user deaths are young people aged 17 to 24.

Contextual Speed Scoring

Saving the lives of young drivers on rural roads

Most young driver deaths occur on rural roads, and yet these roads represent less than half the mileage covered. Inappropriate speed leading to loss of control is one of the main factors: young driver accidents often involve no other vehicles.

Driver Feedback

Dashboards and mobile apps

Real-time feedback is provided to drivers using dashboards and mobile apps. The dashboard gives a clear breakdown of the driver’s score

Crash Detection

A solution for impact detection and analysis

The Quartix crash detection system is comprised of a sophisticated suite of tools and algorithms which have been developed over the past five years.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention and theft recovery

One of the key benefits of a telematics policy for an insurer is that there is an opportunity, when the black box is installed, to verify the information that has been provided by the policyholder on the driver’s application.

Telematics Technology

Exceptional reliability, built on 16 years of telematics experience

The TCSV11 hard-wired and TCSV12 OBD plug-in tracking systems use Quartix’s latest generation telematics technology and architecture, including fast GPS and accelerometer sampling. Based on experience gained over more than 15 years and 300,000 units installed, these products have been designed in-house by our Cambridge design team to satisfy the needs of our insurance customers.

Service Levels

Policy administration and management information

Our systems link directly to yours, handling the data fields and formats used by a wide range of industry-standard policy administration systems.

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