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Quartix Telematics, data protection and human rights

Andy Walters founded Quartix in 2001 with three colleagues. All four founders are still associated with the company, which now has more than 7,000 fleet clients, and operations in the UK, France and USA. Quartix has also carried out more than 110,000 installations for telematics-based insurance policies. Prior to Quartix, Andy held senior positions in technology […]

Quartix Vehicle Tracking Director Completes Chicago Marathon Trip

Hi, this is Peter Brown again the Quartix Vehicle Tracking Systems Development Director, following on from my previous blog post about my recent Chicago Marathon in the US. I completed the Chicago Marathon on the 11th October 2015 in 4 hours 23 minutes and 45 seconds; please click this link for the results details.  It was a fantastic event on a clear […]

Marathon Trip for Quartix Vehicle Tracking Director

Hi, my name is Peter Brown and I am the Director of Systems Development at Quartix Vehicle Tracking.  This blog post is to let people know that I will be running the Chicago Marathon on the 11th October 2015 in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation.  Back in 2010 I ran my ‘last’ marathon in a small event in Abingdon when I was […]

Driving-style monitoring beneficial for grounds maintenance company

Hertfordshire-based John O’Conner Ground Maintenance has been a customer with Quartix Vehicle Tracking since 2004. It’s a privately owned company with people at its heart. It is not hidebound in hierarchy; if anyone needs to speak to one of the company’s Directors, the MD, or even the Chairman, it’s a matter of picking up the phone […]

Quartix builds room for expansion

We have enjoyed rapid growth in both our fleet and insurance businesses over the past few years, but this has inevitably put some strain on office capacity at Chapel Offices in Newtown, our main centre. All sales, marketing, support, installation and administration functions for our core fleet vehicle tracking business are based here, as are […]

How Quartix supports its customers

Supporting our customers is vital to the service we provide at Quartix vehicle tracking. This is true from the point of sale through to the installation process and subsequent after-sales technical support. We know that providing quality support to our customers will stand us in good stead when contract renewal time comes around. Indeed, we still have […]

Helping customers get the most out of the Quartix system

Since I started working for Quartix vehicle tracking almost ten years ago, I have seen many changes within the telematics industry, including its rapid growth. I have always been excited to be part of a pioneering company at the forefront of its sector, so working at Quartix has been a very rewarding experience. One of the reasons […]

Installations and our installer network

My time at Quartix has taught me that communication is one of the most important lessons to learn in the workplace. The relationships our customers, installers and members of staff all share with one another demonstrate the staying power of our installation teams. This is a lesson I like to drive home to my teams: […]

An integrated FMS and telematics solution

This year, Quartix has partnered with FleetCheck, giving operators a comprehensive and fully-integrated FMS and telematics solution, provided by sector-leading companies. In any business, a common question regarding the fleet tracking will always be: “How can I get more productivity for less outlay?”  The answer is a two-pronged approach: 1.       Introducing telematics…The introduction of a telematics system that […]

Introducing telematics into fleet operations

When considering vehicle tracking, business owners and fleet managers are often torn between the desire to achieve substantial cost savings and productivity improvements on the one hand, and the fear of being considered to be using a heavy-handed ‘big-brother’ approach to people management on the other. In a series of articles to be published in this […]

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